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Laundry Experts Reflect on Technology in American Laundry News OPL 101 Column
Monday, July 27, 2015

In the July issue of American Laundry News, UniMac® North American Sales Manager Bill Brooks, Vice President of Engineering at Alliance Laundry Systems Bob Baudhuin, and Regional Sales Manager for Southeastern Laundry Equipment Jason Downey describe the technological advances that have occurred in the laundry industry over the past few decades. These include tools that enable operators to measure efficiency, and reduce water and energy usage, and technologies that allow manufacturers and engineers to develop innovations much more quickly. As technology continues to advance, these experts seem to agree that technology has the ability to make a laundry manager’s job easier, rather than more complicated. Baudhuin says, “It’s the next 10 years that remain unknown, but I do believe capabilities that we haven’t even dreamed of yet will be available.”

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