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November American Laundry News Features Column by UniMac® National Sales Manager
Friday, November 01, 2013

The November issue of American Laundry News included an OPL 101 column written by Bill Brooks, UniMac® national sales manager. The article, “Outfitting an On-Premises Laundry Facility,” discusses how to determine the right equipment mix for an on-premises laundry room. While the formula changes slightly based on the industry, Brooks argues that the most accurate method for determining equipment mix is to calculate the total weight of the soiled linen processed by the on-premises laundry. He provides facility managers with general rules to follow when outfitting their laundry room, such as installing two small washer-extractors rather than one larger machine.

“Perhaps most importantly, correctly outfitting an on-premises laundry gives peace of mind to operators and makes their lives easier,” writes Brooks. “When starting this process, consider a distributor backed by a sophisticated and reliable manufacturer that can determine the appropriate equipment mix for any on-premises laundry.”

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