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UniMac® Distributor/Linen Service Provider Sheds Light on Las Vegas Linen Industry in American Laundry News
Thursday, June 18, 2015

Joseph Dramise knows the importance of greeting guests with clean linens at some of Las Vegas’ most renowned hotels. He gives American Laundry News a behind the scenes look at the city’s linen service industry in the June 2015 OPL 101 column entitled “Inner Workings of a Las Vegas Linen Company.” Equipped with UniMac® machines, Apex Linen Service is able to customize cycles based on typical loads and ensure water and utility usage is at its lowest. UniMac equipment is critical in allowing Dramise and his team to process about 180,000 pounds of linens and ancillary items per day.

Dramise says, “The nature of the laundry business makes downtime lethal- if one machine goes out, the whole operation is thrown off-kilter.”

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