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UniMac® Introduces Cloud-Based Laundry Management Tool, Performance Dashboard Reports
Friday, April 17, 2015

Multiple Location ReportRIPON, Wis. – (April 16, 2015) – UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premises laundry (OPL) equipment, has unveiled TotalVue™ Powered by UniLinc™, a cloud-based monitoring and reporting management tool that helps OPL managers take control of laundry efficiency. TotalVue provides easy, web-based access to key laundry operation data and advanced performance dashboard reports which can be used to make immediate adjustments that improve efficiency and minimize costs.


“TotalVue gives facility managers and executives the ability to manage their laundry operation more like a business – with access to real-time, quantitative data, and from anywhere in the world,” said Bill Brooks, North American sales manager for UniMac. “TotalVue not only makes it possible to measure laundry room efficiency, set benchmarks and make adjustments that can immediately impact the bottom line, but also makes it easy and accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.”

TotalVue is UniMac’s latest update to UniLinc™, the control system available on UniMac’s high-performance washer-extractors and industrial tumble dryers. UniLinc debuted in 2007 on washer-extractors and 2011 on tumble dryers, and has since enabled laundry managers to view analytic reports and machine diagnostic information, and execute time- and money-saving tasks. 

New Executive Level Dashboard Reports

Via TotalVue’s reporting platform website, executives and laundry room managers can now remotely monitor performance of specific machines and multiple laundry locations from any Internet-enabled device. Upon logging in, users can view machine data in three easy to analyze performance dashboards at varied levels of detail: single machine, single location and multiple location.

Single Machine Report

UniLinc data is compiled into easy to read graphical performance dashboards that demonstrate laundry efficiency at a glance, based on the cost to process one pound of laundry. Diverse performance indicators are calculated and updated in real time, allowing decision-makers to establish goals, and make immediate, proactive adjustments that impact the bottom line. Reports can be viewed in real-time through the TotalVue website, exported to a device and printed, or automatically emailed at times and frequencies specified by individual users for flexible and continual monitoring.


Managers can also create additional users to instantly collaborate and monitor these conditions that affect operational costs in real-time. Additionally, a new executive multi-location dashboard report gives general managers, and multi-property owners a high-level view of laundry operation performance across all locations which allows for an ongoing assessment of all operations to ensure they’re running at desired levels. Machine error reports, machine data reports and productivity reports are also available with TotalVue on any Internet-connected device.


Complete Visibility for Full Control

“Backed by the industry’s most productive, efficient equipment, OPL managers now have full access to the information needed to make simple, actionable changes and reduce operational costs,” continued Brooks. “Information about a laundry operation’s efficiency was not available to this degree before. Now, TotalVue gives our customers renewed confidence that the laundry room is truly operating at the lowest cost of ownership.”

TotalVue is available on new UniLinc-equipped machines, and works seamlessly with existing UniLinc-equipped washer-extractors and tumble dryers after a quick and simple installation. To locate a local UniMac distributor who can provide more information about getting started with TotalVue, visit unimac.com or call 800.587.5458.

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About UniMac:

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