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UniMac® National Sales Manager Featured in October OPL 101 Column
Tuesday, October 01, 2013

American Laundry News’ October OPL 101 column, “Protecting a Hotel's Luxury-Linen Investment,” was authored by UniMac® National Sales Manager Bill Brooks. In the article, Brooks discusses how hotels can protect high-quality linens from poor rinsing, over-drying and roping with updated laundry equipment technology. In order to care for a hotel’s large linen investment, laundry operators must improve laundry efficiency and eliminate common errors. Spray rinse technology and over-dry protection can help hotel laundry managers reduce these errors while alleviating utility, operating and linen replacement costs.

“Laundry managers should evaluate the quality of the equipment they currently use and consider upgrading to take full advantage of the new technologies available that can protect their investment in luxury linens,” writes Bill Brooks.

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