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UniMac® Announces UniLinc Now Available on Tumblers
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ripon, Wis. - June 14, 2011 - UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premises laundry equipment, announced today that its cutting-edge networked control - UniLinc - is now available on tumblers.

UniMac is the first manufacturer to offer the same control for washer-extractors and tumblers. It's a total laundry control system for laundry managers who seek to simplify the operation of their equipment and improve the efficiency of their laundry facilities.

UniMac expanded UniLinc's use to the company's line of tumblers in response to customer demands. The control was initially launched in 2006 and was designed to operate washer-extractors.

"UniLinc allows laundry managers to accurately measure their facility's performance so they can implement policies and procedures to increase efficiency," said Kim Shady, North American sales manager for UniMac. "Only UniMac can bring this revolutionary technology to on-premises laundries, and only UniMac has it available for washer-extractors and tumblers. We're serious about laundry and our customers' success."

As a tumbler control, UniLinc offers 41 programmable auto-dry and time-dry cycles with extended tumble dry options. Operations can begin with the push of just two buttons. Cycle names are clearly displayed in words for easy selection, with six customizable languages for multilingual operation and simplified training.

UniLinc provides data that pinpoints specific areas where users can increase efficiency and reduce operating costs associated with labor, linen replacement, utilities and maintenance.

The control provides reports on start and stop times, and idle time in between cycles, helping managers monitor employee performance. UniLinc also records when operators cut cycles short and when the machine isn't loaded properly to its capacity. This report will help managers determine if more training is needed or if new or improved protocols need to be put into place.

In addition, UniLinc will send automatic reminders to managers regarding maintenance schedules for timely servicing, and records machine errors for quick diagnosis and repair.

To see how UniLinc can help on-premises laundries reduce costs, click here:http://www.unimac.com/news/unimac-clean-show-2011.aspx

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