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UniMac® Clean Show 2011
Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Clean Show 2011 brought the innovative technology of UniMac® to the forefront of the
commercial laundry industry.



Our latest innovation is OPTidry™, an industry-exclusive, cutting-edge technology that offers unmatched levels of accuracy and a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, eliminating the significant costs associated with over-drying.

For more information, download our new OPTidry brochure.



Our revolutionary technology was on display at Clean Show 2011 in one easy-to-operate control system - UniLinc™. UniLinc is a total laundry control system that allows you to easily gather machine performance and maintenance data about every aspect of your laundry operation.

To learn more, download our most recent UniLinc brochure.

UniMac has been recognized around the world as the leading manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. Our complete line of washer-extractors commercial dryers and flatwork ironers are renowned for their durable construction, innovative features and efficient performance. And over the long haul, our machines provide the lowest operating cost in the industry. To get the details about the reliable performance of UniMac laundry equipment, all at the lowest operating cost in the industry, download these product brochures or find your local distributor.