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UniMac® Introduces OPTidryTM Over-Dry Prevention Technology for Stack Tumblers
Sunday, November 11, 2012

NEW YORK - Nov. 11, 2012 UniMac®, a leading provider of on-premises laundry equipment, announced today that OPTidry™, over-dry prevention technology (OPT), is now available on stack tumblers. The technology allows hotel laundry managers to reduce labor, energy and linen replacement costs associated with over-drying.

Over-drying occurs when tumble dryers run longer than needed because they cannot detect when linen has reached its optimal dryness level or when staff uses incorrect cycles. This decreases throughput, uses excessive energy and causes linens to deteriorate faster.

OPTidry over-dry prevention technology is an industry-exclusive, cutting-edge innovation that connects sensors located within the lifters to UniMac's revolutionary rotary transfer switch to offer unmatched levels of accuracy. The result is a pinpoint dryness reading throughout the entire load, which allows the machine to automatically shut off once dryness levels have been reached, eliminating the costs associated with over-drying.

This breakthrough technology can help on-premises laundries save up to thousands of dollars a year in expenses.

Seventy-nine percent of commercial laundry distributors and managers believe that on-premises laundries over-dry an average of eight minutes per cycle, according to a recent survey. This amounts to hundreds of wasted dollars in utility costs and thousands of dollars in wasted labor a year. In addition, linens experience 31 percent less fiber loss when over-drying is eliminated.

"We've seen how well our customers have responded to OPTidry on our single-pocket tumblers and are excited to now offer the technology on our stack machines," said Bill Brooks, North American Sales Manager, UniMac. "UniMac's machines have the lowest cost of ownership on the market due to advancements such as OPTidry. Our customers can rest assured their machines are built to be reliable and durable, and will provide outstanding performance for many years to come."

OPTidry is now available on UniMac stack tumblers in 30- and 45-pound capacities.

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