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UniMac North American Sales Manager Explores Ways to Improve Linen Quality in Healthcare Facilities in American Laundry News Magazine
Sunday, July 31, 2016

In the American Laundry News’s July OPL 101 column, UniMac® North American Sales Manager Bill Brooks discusses the importance of linen care in hospitals, long-term care and short-term care facilities. Brooks shares that using appropriate rinse cycles and conducting proper staff training can help extend linen life He also adds that a certified laundry equipment distributor can help a facility identify process improvements to create a more efficient laundry room.

“As pressure to process linens faster and with better results continues, laundry may seem like a never-ending battle in the healthcare industry, but when laundry managers take a step back, assess their operation and work with their distributor, they can bring new life to their linens and overall laundry process.”

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