For more than 60 years, UniMac® has been focused on providing for the specific needs of the party rental industry. We work closely with our customers to identify and address the key concerns they face every day, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Designed To Meet Your Needs

  • You may be used to the convenience of a linen service, but many customers have already taken control of their laundry with UniMac. We provide all the tools to achieve a high level of cleanliness without paying the high expenses of a contracted laundry.
  • Save time and maximize the amount of laundry you can get through your facility with our Super-High G-Force extraction, which allows many pieces to be sent directly to the ironer—no drying necessary.
  • As budgets tighten, controlling energy and water usage is more important than ever. That’s why for more than 60 years, we’ve designed UniMac laundry machines to reduce energy usage and help lower your utility bills.