20lb Capacity Cabinet Hardmount Washer Extractor

UC Series Cabinet Hardmount Washer Extractor

Model Number: UCT020QN
Control: M9
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Get the trademark quality and reliability in an affordable package designed to suit the needs of lower-volume facilities.

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20lb Capacity Cabinet Hardmount Washer Extractor Features

M9 with 100 G-Force or 200 G-Force

This nine-cycle control, available with 100 G-Force and 200 G-Force, is designed to be easy-to-use, while offering the programming flexibility to meet the needs of special applications. Three water level settings and up to five supply signals for automatic laundry chemical dispensing offer even more flexibility, while self diagnostic and cycle counter tools help ensure that your laundry keeps running as efficiently as possible.

Choose from five performance options to suit your application. Each is designed to be easy to use and offer significant flexibility and control over your laundry operation.

The M30 Control comes in 100 G-Force or 200 G-Force. There are a total of 30 programs that you can modify to customize your laundry for specific needs. Special features include cycle time remaining, temperature-controlled fill, cycle counter and test-cycle for diagnostics. Also features 30 programmable water levels to reduce water use. Easily programmed through control’s infrared port.

The M9 Controls come in 100 G-Force or 200 G-Force, and offer nine cycle settings to meet your laundry’s unique demands. With three water levels and up to five supply signals for automated chemical dispensing, these controls allow you to truly customize your laundry operation. Plus, they offer a cycle counter and test cycle for self-diagnosis.

The M4 Control spins at 100 G-Force and lets users choose between four different cycle options, which is best for those with light soil and a limited selection of linens. It features a simple display that minimizes confusion so that staff can focus on working as efficiently as possible.

Our heavy-duty computer-optimized frame is designed to be stronger than ever. In addition to standing up to the toughest laundry conditions, it also handles unbalanced loads more efficiently for a quieter operation.

UniMac® sets the industry standard for quality, durability and performance. That’s why we offer a five-year warranty on the frame, basket, shaft, seals and bearings. A limited three-year warranty is offered on all other parts.

Product Specifications

Control Options M9
Capacity – lb (kg) 20 (9)
Overall Width – in (mm) 26″ (660)
Overall Depth – in (mm) 30.9″ (785)
Overall Height – in (mm) 43″ (1092)
Cylinder Diameter – in (mm) 21″ (533)
Cylinder Depth – in (mm) 13.8″ (351)
Cylinder Volume – cu. ft. (liters) 2.8 (79)
Door Opening Size – in (mm) 11.6″ (295)
Door Bottom to Floor – in (mm) 14.4″ (366)
Water Inlet Connection – in (mm) 2 @ 0.75″ (19)
Steam Inlet Connection – in (mm)
Drain Diameter – in (mm) 1 @ 3″ (76)
Drain Height to Floor – in (mm) 3.9″ (99)
Motor Power Consumption – HP (kW) 1 (0.75)
Total # of Speeds 6, 9
Cylinder Speed – RPM (G-Force)
Gentle 37 (0.4)
Wash 51 (0.8)
Distribution 92 (2.5)
Very Low 301 (27)
Low 518 (80)
Medium 579 (100)
High 648 (120)
Very High 710 (150)
Ultra High 819 (200)
Voltage/Hz # of Wires/Phase/Circuit Breaker – FLA  No Heat
(B) 120/60/1 15-9
(X) 200-240/50-60/1-3 15-4 (1 Ph), 15-3 (3 Ph)
(Y) 220-240/60/1-3 15-4 (1 Ph)
(N) 440-480/50/60/3 15-2
(N) 440-480/50/60/3 15-14
(Q) 200-240/50/60/1-3 30-22
Shipping Dimensions Approx. – in (mm)
Width 28″ (711)
Depth 33.8″ (859)
Height 49.4″ (1255)
Net Weight – lb (kg) 340 (154)
Shipping Weight – lb (kg) 380 (172)
Slat Crate Shipping Weight – lb (kg) 460 (209)
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