How is it that the laundromat business has metrics such as turns per day, revenue, peak periods and even per-machine usage and profit, yet many on-premises laundries (OPL) are measuring success by whether or not all loads were processed? 

Far more goes into the degree of success a commercial laundry is achieving. As we operate through the current pandemic, managers need to be taking a closer look at their operations to ensure quality and safety. Clean isn’t clean enough. Superior hygienic quality has never been more important. 

In a recent column penned for American Laundry News, Mark Moore, vice president of REM Co. Inc., a distributor of UniMac® laundry equipment, discusses the topic of key performance indicators (KPIs) and their value to laundry operations.  

Moore touches on the advantages and insights that today’s laundry management systems, like UniMac’s TotalVue, bring to managers. 

He writes, “Smart technology will also show you a machine’s utilization percentage and how many minutes that machine has been sitting idle. And if it’s sitting idle, your cost of labor is rising. You can determine cents per pound by shift, and determine what cycles are being run. 

Bill Brooks, director of customer solutions and business development for Alliance Laundry Systems, also tackled the topic of KPIs recently on an American Laundry News podcast. To listen to the broadcast, click here or visit American Laundry News. 

 To read the full column by Moore, click here.