UniMac® delivers nonstop performance.
Power meets simplicity in industrial on-premises
laundry equipment that’s uniquely UniMac®.

Simplicity Meets Lasting


Industrial laundry requires durable machines to handle unrelenting loads day after day. But it shouldn’t be complicated. Lighten your load with UniMac’s industrial laundry equipment designed with easy-to-use controls and technologies that do the hard work for you. Improve your laundry efficiency while getting the lowest total cost of ownership.

built to wash

Machines in a Class of Their Own

Product specifications and technical literature

Easily find owner’s manuals, installation manuals and warranty bonds for your commercial washers and dryers. All you need is your machine’s model number.


takes efficiency to new heightS

Industrial laundry has never been easier thanks to UniMac’s technologies that save you time and money while boosting efficiency.

Unilinc Touch washer

The biggest threat to quality is selecting the wrong wash cycle. UniLinc Touch virtually eliminates that threat with the most intuitive control on the market.


Get superior rinsing with technology that minimizes the water required to rinse a load by 39% and reduces cycle time.


Achieve the ideal level of dryness while preventing over-drying to save on utilities, labor and linen replacement.

Ready For Relentless


What can we do for you? Expect more. We’ll deliver.