Professional Washer

SC70 Series Professional Washer

Model Number: SC70
Control: Easy control

The SC70 professional washers have the same capacity as the dryer 14lb/6.5 kg. The unit is often installed in apartments, wellness facilities, sports clubs or on marine ships. And has specific voltages for these markets. Both professional washers and dryers are stackable and have a low energy consumption. The SC70 washer features an easy to use timer including mop and medical programmes, stainless steel drum and tub and more..

Available Capacities

14 lb/6.5 Kg Capacity



Professional Washer Features

Programmable Control
This customizable control allows any combination up to 30 programs to be saved, providing easy user interface. Easy to use timer including  specialized Mop and medical programmes.

Each machine is designed to fit through a standard 36-inch/90 cm doorway, and features a reversible steel doorway making installation flexible and easy.

The SC65 is design to welcome the stackable tumblers DAM6 series, both achieve the perfect balance between washing process, low water and energy consumption for maximum efficiency, shortening washing times—and reducing your utility and labor costs.

UniMac offers a one year warranty for any part of the professional washer which fails as a result of a defect in material or workmanship*

*See UniMac Warranty Bond for specifics.

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