For more than 60 years, UniMac has been designing robust, durable and innovative solutions for the specific laundry needs of the maritime industry.


For more than 60 years, UniMac® has been focused on providing for the specific needs of the maritime industry. We work closely with our customers to identify and address the key concerns they face every day, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

Designed To Meet Your Needs

In an industry where rugged laundry equipment is an absolute requirement, you can rely on our unmatched durability, which is backed by an exceptional warranty and the largest service and support network in the World.

For maritime vessels that travel the world, our global network of highly trained distributors offers access to parts, service and support—wherever your next port of call may be.

From on-premises laundry machines to stack washer/dryer combos, we offer one of the widest product ranges in the industry to ensure that you’ll find the right fit for your unique needs.