We work closely with restaurants to address the key concerns they face in terms of laundry, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.


For more than 60 years, UniMac® has been focused on providing for the specific needs of the restaurant industry. We work closely with our customers to identify and address the key concerns they face every day, all while offering the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

  • UniMac OPL laundry equipment for restaurants
  • Working in the hospitality industry? UniMac is your best OPL laundry partner
  • UniMac laundry machines for restaurants

Designed To Meet Your Needs

For a staff that is primarily part-time employees, our easy-to-use controls make consistent, repeatable laundry cycles as easy as pushing a button.

With limited space available for laundry, many restaurants find themselves stuck with machines that do not offer adequate cleaning power. That’s when you can turn to UniMac for solutions that offer powerful cleaning in as little as nine square feet of floor space.

In an industry where laundry downtime is not an option, you can rely on our unmatched durability, which is backed by an exceptional warranty and the largest service and support network in North America.

Your linen service may be convenient, but UniMac can give you total control of your laundry, providing all the tools to achieve a high level of cleanliness without paying the high expenses of a contracted laundry.