500-800mm Industrial chest heated drying ironers – 1 Roll

500-800mm Industrial chest heated drying ironers – 1 Roll

Industrial chest heated drying ironer

Model Number: ACL500 – ACL600 – ACL800-1ROLL

The UniMac ACL-range of chest heated drying ironers is the answer for the highest industrial ironing needs. One single person can operate an ironer which allows owners to save on labor.
The chest heated ironers apply heat equally so overheated spots are in the past. The result of the process is the high quality dry and ironed linen your vended or on-premises laundry deserves.

The ACL-range is available in models with roller diameter of 500, 600 with 1 roll. The model with roller diameter of 800 mm is available with ONE and TWO rolls.

Available Capacities

1750 to 3300mm Finishing


1750 to 3300mm Finishing


1750 to 3300mm Finishing

ACL800 – 1 ROLL


Industrial chest heated drying ironers Features

Micro Control

• Simple readout control to set temperature and speed manually
• Optional PLC touch screen with 50 programs. Speed regulation and modulating bunner included.

The quality construction of UniMac ironers does more than ensure durability and lasting performance—it will also help you save on energy costs.

Chest benefits
• Single piece super flexible laser welding chest have 180-206° wrap up contact to rolls
• Self-adjusted chest applies pressure always equally over entire width and length of the roll. To make linen being ironed equal quality.
• Heated by circulated thermal oil moving in the chest. It makes the temperature even along full chest width. No trouble of overheated spots.
• Self-contained thermal oil heating and circulation system offers accurate temperature control, easy installation and start up
• Steam heated by steam injection directly into the chest

Designed to be as safe as possible, a stop bar prevents operators from placing their hands too close to the machine, and a sophisticated alarm system indicates when any of the components are not working properly.

UniMac products are of the highest quality. Our limited parts warranty includes non-textile components against failure from defect in material or workmanship during the first year.

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