NEW: Soft mount Commercial Washer Extractor with Touch control

Ideal for second-floor on-premises laundries where poured foundation isn’t an option


Model Number: UY65 – UY80 – UY105 – UY135 -UY180 – UY240 – UY280
Control:  PROform Touch

Ideal for second-floor on-premises laundries or other installations where a poured foundation isn’t an option, UniMac® UY model softmount washer-extractors offer the perfect solution. Like all UniMac commercial laundry equipment, these reliable laundry machines are built with unyielding construction to ensure industrial strength.

With cutting-edge innovations and green technologies, they’re designed to reduce costs and maximize throughput. These machines can withstand the harsh demands of commercial and on-premises laundry facilities in a variety of industries, from athletics to hospitality.

In addition, innovative ECO Technology washing programs and unique product design features greatly reduce water costs, delivering 15% water savings versus older models in the market. Pair them with UniMac tumble dryers that feature industry-leading OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention Technology, and optimize throughput for your entire laundry.

Available Capacities

6,5 Kg/14 lbs Capacity


7,5 Kg/17 lbs Capacity


10,5 Kg/23 lbs Capacity


13,5 Kg/30 lbs Capacity


18 Kg/40 lbs Capacity


24 Kg/53 lbs Capacity


28 Kg/62 lbs Capacity



Soft mount Commercial Washer Extractor with touch control –  Features

PROform Touch Control – UY series midsize softmounts
UniMac PROform Touch control offers a 7″ touch screen control with an intuitive full color display for an optimal laundry experience. Choose the program you need on the easy-to-use interface, start your laundry in only 2 touches and follow the status of the washer during the whole cycle.
This control is available in 34 languages and is organized for simple navigation. Update wash programs manually on the machine, use a USB memory stick or update on your PC via LMS. Additionally, an end-of-cycle signal allows you to maximize efficiency.

Our softmount washer-extractors not only save on utility costs, but on installation time and costs as well. The freestanding design installs quickly with same-day operation. These machines are the perfect choice for second-floor laundries or other installations where a concrete floor isn’t an option. Heavy-duty coil springs eliminate the need for special foundations, and strategically placed shock absorbers result in a tuned suspension system that absorbs out-of-balance load vibrations.

Our UY Series machines are constructed to make your laundry operation more efficient and deliver green technologies to reduce two of your largest expenses — labor and utility costs.

Many laundries operate inefficiently due to a simple fact: dryer cycles are usually 30% longer than wash cycles. Each of our machines extract with super-high 350 to 400 G-Force to remove more water from the load, equalizing washer and dryer times and allowing your laundry to run at optimum efficiency and increase throughput. A machine with a higher G-Force delivers bottom-line utility savings by decreasing dry times, saving up to 40% on your gas bills compared to standard 100 G-Force competitive models.

In addition, innovative ECO Technology washing programs and unique product design features greatly reduce water costs, delivering 15% water savings versus older models in the market.

Laundry Management System (LMS), powered by the PROform Control, gives you complete control of machine setup and wash program updates. With location management, maintenance data and alarms via email — all through a wired or wireless Wi-Fi connection — monitoring your laundry and maximizing productivity have never been easier.

Our softmount washer-extractors are manufactured with unyielding construction and industrial strength. They’re designed with high-quality, stainless steel front, top and side panels and reinforced side panels for increased strength and durability. The formed steel frame is engineered with robust technology for added strength. And a modular bearing housing design ensures the equipment is long lasting and easy to service. This product also offers an inverter drive system that delivers low energy use, higher torque, high extraction speed, lower noise and less imbalance.

We’re dedicated to manufacturing products that meet our customers’ needs. We build our equipment to the strictest possible standards and back them up with the best warranty in the industry. A five-year warranty covers the frame, basket, shaft, bearings and seals from failure or breakage during normal operation due to defects in material or workmanship. A limited three-year warranty is offered on all other parts. Plus, we help ensure the success of your business with world-class support, including:

  • Service parts availability
  • Factory-trained technicians and global distribution network
  • Service training certification for distributors
  • Industry-leading, laundry-focused financing
  • Laundry design services