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Avoid wasted time and linen wear-and-tear with the right technology. OPTidry™ offers accurate readings throughout the entire load, ensuring that your on-premises laundry stops precisely at your desired dryness level.

Paired with our washer-extractor, you can literally save thousands ...per year.

Guests demand the best. Providing a 5-star laundry experience is effortless with UniMac® on your side. Click through to read 4 tips to ensure your guest laundry stacks up.

You know the importance of well-cleaned gear. And we know how to make it easier to obtain. With simple programming and record-keeping with FireLinc®, UniMac® is helping to make clean gear simple for your team.

With 400 G-Force in the spin cycle, on-premises laundry rooms can save time and money. See how much your laundry room could save.

Questions? Need a part? Or a quote on a new machine? Locate the nearest UniMac® distributor and get the help you need now.

After searching far and wide for the oldest UniMac® machine in service, our journey ended in the Windy City at Zengeler Cleaners. Watch to learn more about brothers Mike and Tom and the family-owned business:

Did you know the lowest-priced OPL equipment usually costs your property the most in the long run?

Increased efficiency, longevity and reliability reduces labor, utilities and repair costs. See how much you can save with UniMac®.

Fifth generation owner, Tom Zengeler, made the decision to go with UniMac® 35 years ago for his business, Zengeler Cleaners. He has no plans of retiring those machines with the addition of his new washer-extractor and matching tumble dryer received as the Longevity Contest winner. Read more here: ...

Why dry an extra 19 lbs. of water if you don't need to? With 400 G-Force technology, your linens start the drying process with less moisture. Reduce time, energy and cost. See how much you could save.