Seamos sinceros: cuando usted piensa en el lavado de ropa en su hotel, el tema es hacer que toda esa ropa blanca de los cuartos se procese con rapidez y eficiencia, y que regrese al servicio o al armario. Es probable que la lavandería para huéspedes en sí misma no tenga una alta prioridad. Sin [...]

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Fire Laundry in Shanghai

Fire Laundry in Shanghai Nice reference, installed by distributor ZANRAY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. The installation is on the ground floor of a new multifunctional office building includes  UW65, and 5 FDC6 drying cabinets.  It will be used as a showroom, training center and laundry for the fire department of the Pudong District. [...]

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Unimac dryers show results for n95 viral decontamination

N95 masks have never been more important and in shorter supply. Reusing this vital piece of PPE requires a fast and effective means to decontaminate masks. UniMac announced that specific models of its hugely popular 75-pound capacity tumble dryer can, with the correct programs, be used for viral decontamination of N95 masks and quadruple their [...]

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Funding for fire department purchases requires a well-orchestrated approach and some mutual aid

We all know the importance of NFPA 1851. Codifying the guidelines for laundering PPE and requiring documentation are steps that are hoped will help reduce not just the instances of cancer in firefighters, but also mortality rates. The present COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need to follow these same guidelines in laundering PPE even more [...]

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How is your laundry measuring success and identifying process breakdowns that impact quality?

How is it that the laundromat business has metrics such as turns per day, revenue, peak periods and even per-machine usage and profit, yet many on-premises laundries (OPL) are measuring success by whether or not all loads were processed?  Far more goes into the degree of success a commercial laundry is achieving. As we operate through the current pandemic, managers [...]

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Not all dryers are created equal

Of everything going on in a busy on-premises laundry, drying should be straightforward, right? One tumble dryer should be pretty similar to another. That’s definitely not the case. Here is why. While washer-extractors appear to have all the technology, tumblers have their fair share and can greatly impact efficiency, throughput and labor. Below are [...]

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How UniMac Can Improve Safety and Sanitation At Your Assisted Living Facility

How UniMac Can Improve Safety and Sanitation At Your Assisted Living Facility Infection and illnesses can spread quickly at nursing homes and retirement communities. Just recently, more than in Northern Virginia with coughs, fevers, and even pneumonia. Flu and respiratory illness spread quickly among the residents and the facility had to take immediate prevention methods, [...]

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Reduce Slips, Falls, and Injuries in Your On-Premises Laundry Room With These 17 Tips

Each year, 37.3 million falls are severe enough to require medical attention, according to the World Health Organization. On top of that, back injuries — often from lifting and repeated motions over time — account for nearly 20% of all injuries and illnesses in the workplace according to OSHA. Those working in on-premises laundry rooms can be at an [...]

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Achieve Maximum Performance in Your Hotel With Commercial Laundry Equipment from UniMac

What does maximum performance in your hotel laundry operation look like? If you’re like most hotel laundry managers and executive housekeepers we work with, maximum performance ties directly back to lowering costs in three main areas: utilities, linen replacement, and labor costs. These are three of the biggest indicators of success and efficiency in [...]

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10 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your On-Premise Laundry Equipment Running Smoothly

Imagine having to file an insurance claim, turn away customers, or shut your whole operation down due to machines being out of operation for an extended period of time. Or maybe you have to shell out thousands of dollars to replace a washer that could’ve been repaired, had an issue been spotted earlier. The last [...]

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