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Did you know an estimated 5 billion pounds of items are laundered in health care settings annually? Follow these 7 tips from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to protect patients and caregivers.

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Continued presence of pandemic is good reminder to focus on laundry room processes

COVID-19 doesn’t look to be going away any time soon. Though the pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our lives, health care and long-term care...

Reduce downtime and expenses with regular maintenance, like:

1. Give machines a good once-over at the beginning and end of each workday

2. Document issues, alerts, errors and repairs for easy performance tracking

3. Stick to a simple maintenance schedule to stay on top ...of important to-dos and hold employees accountable

Get seven more machine maintenance tips here:

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10 maintenance tips to keep your on-premises laundry equipment running smoothly

These days, having an efficient, effective laundry operation is more essential than ever. While COVID-19 infection rates continue to increase across...

A labor shortage means there's no time to waste while on the job. Easy-to-use machines help staff zip through laundry, saving loads of time and allowing for fast training. The right laundry machines help staff get more done in less time. See how we can help at

Protecting your crew from carcinogens is about more than putting a washer-extractor in a building. It includes easy-to-use solutions and accessible education on following NFPA 1851 standards.

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Supply chain, logistics and unpredictable availability are hot topics in business these days. If you need a replacement part, how long will it take to arrive?
The best ways to avoid a backorder blindside in your laundry room are to plan ahead and leverage the longevity of your laundry partner.

Laundry is important in providing world-class care to residents. When your laundry equipment provides you with long-term affordability, you can focus on resident care, not laundry repair.

Labor shortages are affecting every industry. How can you increase efficiency and decrease wasted time?
Easy-to-use machines help staff zip through laundry, saving loads of time and allowing for fast training.

Savings for the long haul. With equipment that uses less water and electricity, plus lasts longer without needing repairs, you can save over $11,000 each year.