SAVE BIG MONEY — Getting the most linen throughput in the least amount of time!

While labor is 50 percent of the cost of operating a laundry, it is to your benefit to understand how to get more done in less time. We call this “laundry throughput.”

Selecting the right equipment for laundry can be a confusing decision. UniMac® has more than 100 combinations of washer capacities and extraction speeds. Often decisions are based upon the lowest priced equipment, not knowing it is actually the most expensive to own during the equipment life.

For example, in UniMac’s 60-65 lbs washer category, there are six choices of machines. There is more than a $3000 difference from the economy model to the high performance model. Yet when considering the benefits of getting more clean laundry in less time, the high performance model will cost significantly less to operate over the life of the machine.

Those cost savings are a result of “laundry throughput”

Throughput is limited by the slowest piece of equipment. Most often it is the dryer.

To reduce drying time, an investment in our high performance washer is critical. The 300 G-force extraction removes 35 percent more water than the economy model. In the case of a 60 lbs washer, that means 16 minutes less drying time every load. How many loads do you do per day?

Another result of less drying time is utility savings. Because the majority of tumble dryers are natural gas heated, there can be thousands of dollars in gas savings each year when using our high production washers versus our economy models.

SAVINGS OF 2 hours and 43 min.
(Based on 10 60 lbs. loads per day)

Throughput time to do 1 load of laundry is 53 minutes

Throughput time to do 1 load of laundry is 72 minutes