Restaurant Laundry Equipment—Powerful yet Simple

Lighten your load with UniMac’s restaurant laundry equipment designed for ease-of-use. Control laundry on your own schedule and make a clean impression to keep customers coming back.

take control of your kitchen’s laundry demands

Break free from the unending expenses and scheduling hassles that come with outsourcing from a restaurant laundry service. Gain control of your budget and schedule with simple-to-use machines that allow you to train staff quickly and improve labor efficiency. UniMac makes it easy with flexible financing and fast credit decisions 

Heavy-Duty Equipment with a Small Footprint  

Nothing turns customers away faster than a dirty restaurant. Ensure the highest level of clean laundry for hotels and restaurants—consistently with every load. When space is limited, UniMac machines are the answer for high-capacity loads in a small space. Programmable cycles and intuitive, multilingual controls help your staff work more efficiently which makes your restaurant run smoother.