With inmate populations continuously rising while budgets remain unchanged, finding new ways to minimize costs is essential. UniMac® commercial laundry equipment delivers unmatched durability for reduced downtime, fewer service calls and minimized maintenance costs. Ground-breaking technologies like 400 G-Force extraction speeds and OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention Technology reduce water and utility usage. And with intuitive, multilingual UniLinc™ controls, staff training is quick and easy.

Designed To Meet Your Needs
Easy-To-Use Commercial Laundry Equipment Controls

With a simple, user-friendly control system, training inmates and other staff to operate UniMac equipment is fast and easy.

Industrial-Strength Laundry Equipment

UniMac machines utilize heavy-duty components and are tested to the highest standards of durability as supported by our industry-leading warranties.

On-Premises Laundry Equipment Performance Monitoring

UniMac equipment features advanced on-premises laundry monitoring and diagnostic tools to assist with service and repair, often eliminating the need to bring in outside personnel.

Minimized Costs for On-Premises Laundry

Innovations like OPTispray™ Rinsing Technology and 400 G-Force extraction on UniMac washer extractors, plus OPTidry Over-dry Prevention Technology for UniMac dryers, significantly reduce your overall operating costs, keeping you within your budget.

ECO Cycles

Nine unique wash programs, part of UniLinc’s industry-leading 48 total cycle options, further reduce water usage.