Laundry has never been easier

Built on quality, it’s time to experience the simplicity, flexibility and intelligence our premium control can bring to your laundry room. Perfectly matched to UniMac’s® industrial performance and longevity, the UniLinc™ Touch control takes industry-leading value and lowest total cost of ownership to the next level.

Make Every Minute Count 

An efficient laundry room revolves around making the best use of time. Reduce wasted labor costs and streamline throughput with clear cycle navigation and an easy-to-read countdown timer. Then continue efficiency with a count-up timer upon cycle completion. 

Maximize Throughput
Before the day begins

Imagine having a load of laundry complete when you arrive first thing in the morning. It’s possible with the delayed start feature, which allows you to prep a load and set it to run before staff arrives the next day.

Remove Language Barriers

Make operation and training simple. With 34 languages, UniLinc Touch is pronounced “easy” in any language.

Simplify Training New Hires

Let’s face it—training can be a time-consuming investment. Learning becomes quick and easy with an intuitive design. The same control for washer-extractors and tumble dryers gives a seamless user experience and eliminates the need to learn two systems. Check training off your new hire to-do list with ease.

Accelerate Servicing to reduce downtime

When a machine is down, the clock is ticking. UniLinc Touch helps identify and resolve errors faster to get you back up and running.

Get error alerts on-screen in real words – no codes to decipher.

Identify and resolve issues with diagnostics and machine audit data enabling. Notifying technicians of these issues increases first-time fix rates.

Simplicity at its best