While your company’s laundry room may not be your idea of a fun place to hang out, it actually has a lot to do with the overall customer experience you offer. Whether you run a hotel, an assisted living facility, a restaurant, a spa or any other business that requires on-premises laundry services, the quality and maintenance of your linens can have a dramatic impact not only on your customers’ experiences, but also your bottom line. To make sure you’re making the most of your company’s laundry experience and services, we compiled a list of the common mistakes we see in company laundry rooms.  

Using old, outdated equipment. Old commercial laundry equipment is less energy-efficient and has more maintenance issues and downtime. In the end, that could mean thousands of extra dollars in utility, labor, and repair/replacement costs for your business. 

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Not utilizing technology. Laundry technology is more advanced than ever, which is beneficial for your business. Using laundry room and equipment management tools, like UniLinc  can help you better manage your company’s on-premises laundry room.  

Overloading or underloading machines. Machines are designed to hold a specific capacity. Overloading or underloading them means they’re not operating at peak efficiency, which can have a serious impact on your linens, laundry throughput, and the machines themselves. A good commercial laundry distributor can help you find the best capacity machines to meet your needs and laundry scales can help make sure you’re filling washers and dryers to the right capacity. If your business is one that is in the hospitality industry or you have a steady stream of items to be washed, it might make more sense to install several lower capacity machines rather than a couple large ones. This way staff is not stuck waiting around for enough laundry to fill a large capacity washer-extractor. 

Using the wrong soap or chemicals. You should always be following the manufacturer’s recommendations when it comes to chemicals. Using the right amount of chemicals and soaps is crucial to your company’s laundry operation. Whether you run a spa, a hotel, a restaurant, a medical office or other facility, your customers will remember not only the way they were treated, but the quality of their experience and clean, plush linens can make a big difference when it comes to providing a high quality experience. Work with your chemical company representative to ensure the correct formulas are utilized and chemicals are added at the correct step in the cycle. Using the wrong laundry chemicals will absolutely impact quality and the guest experience. 

Not properly training staff. Training is never something to take lightly or skimp on. If your employees don’t understand how to use the industrial laundry equipment or follow your process, it can cause damage to your machines, increase linen replacement costs, and impact the overall productivity, quality, and efficiency of your business’s OPL. Overall, educated and engaged staff members are your first line of defense. They should be trained to identify issues before they become a major problem. Not to mention, proper training can help you reduce injuries in your on-premises laundry room. 

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