Over-drying not such a big deal? Think again.

Banff Park Lodge - UniMac
Published On: June 27, 2022

Nobody likes opening the tumble dryer door and finding that the load isn’t fully dry. The cure for that scenario is obviously selecting the longest dry time possible, right? What’s the harm, after all, it maximizes productivity – no more wasted trips to unload items that aren’t fully dry? 


Over-drying wastes time and utilities, while also leading to reduced linen life. It’s that final piece that should be a wakeup call for all laundry managers, as linen replacement costs are a significant expenditure for any facility and rising higher. 

Those other two costs can’t be ignored either. Even just eight minutes of over-drying can cost a facility more than $5,000 annually. This is why upgrading tumblers to a highly accurate system like UniMac’s OPTidry can pay immediate dividends in efficiency. 

To learn more about the cost of over-drying click here. See our video below about how our technology works and what sets it apart.

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