Spring Laundry Room Maintenance

Published On: May 12, 2022

The sun’s out, the weather’s changing, and laundry’s still rolling in. With the changing of the seasons, it’s a great time to complete some maintenance in your laundry room to ensure you’re running at peak efficiency. We’ve compiled a list of maintenance tasks to help you step into spring. 

Clean out lint. Lint can create big issues in a laundry room. Dirty air vents and lint buildup can contribute to long dry times and potentially lead to fire. Now’s a great time to vacuum off tumble dryer vents to remove debris. In addition, clogged lint screens can cause both drying and flame issues. Clean lint screens with soap and water or replace them if they’re in poor condition. Don’t forget to clean out lint buildup in ductwork. Depending on your setup, you can do this yourself or hire a professional to vacuum out lint and debris and ensure air is flowing properly. 

Maintain machines. All laundry equipment requires preventative maintenance for consistent, efficient operation. Maintenance schedules and requirements are provided in the machine’s Installation, Operation and Maintenance manual. There you’ll find information on daily, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual maintenance tasks. Keeping up on machine maintenance helps ensure smooth, safe operation and reduce the risk for service issues.  

Check water and plumbing. With the changing seasons, water levels change, and water supply can become dirtier. To ensure machines are getting the best water, clean fill hose screens of any debris. Run a test cycle and drain. If the water drains out in less than a minute, your plumbing is adequate. If the machine has trouble draining, contact the plumber that completed the installation. 

Verify chemicals. Always follow recommendations when using chemicals. Using the right amount of chemicals and soaps is crucial to your laundry operation. Work with your chemical company to confirm the correct formulas are added at the correct step in the cycle. Ensure your staff is properly trained on chemical usage. 

If you have additional questions about maintaining your laundry room this spring, our experts are happy to assist you. Contact our teamof on-premises laundry experts. 

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