We are all looking for that peace of mind with the products we purchase. That feel good feeling comes from knowing you got not just the right tool for your needs but one that will deliver on the marketing promises made by the brand. So, what should on-premises laundry managers look for when trying to identify the best solution? 

Peace of mind in laundry equipment is rooted firmly in a performance pedigree and encompasses a variety of elements, including: 

Experience. When considering your next piece of on-premises laundry equipment, ask how long the brand has been in the market. Are they a newcomer or do they have a long history of providing solutions to your specific industry? If they have been around a long time, ask if industrial laundry is something they are focused on or another market they dabble in? 

Research and development. How many resources does the brand put toward its products and new product development? Look for companies that invest heavily not just in research and development, but also state-of-the-art test labs. The best in the business are pouring millions into research and development facilities and projects. Remember, industrial equipment is built to run under heavy demands every day; you want to know that the components and designs have been tested under rough demands.  

 Testimonials. Often the best way to get a read on the brand of equipment you are considering is to look for a vote of confidence from peers in your industry. Ask your distributor for testimonials of customers like you that they have worked with. You need to know that the brand has a long track record of success in your market. For instance, laundry in the fire service industry is highly specialized and requires a manufacturer truly committed to the industry, taking the lead in working with those organizations crafting guidelines and designing equipment/systems to meet them. 

 Warranty. Perhaps most important in a total-package approach to equipment is the manufacturer’s warranty. Peace of mind should include strong backing from the company that highlights key components such as the frame, shaft and bearings. 

A performance pedigree is far more than a marketing boast; it is a collection of evidence of a track record of success built over decades. It also should be backed up by industry testimonials and industry leadership built on exceptional performance, reliability and industry-leading warranties, which means peace of mind for your facility.