OPTispray Rinsing Technology takes efficiency to a whole new level.
Available on all UniLinc cycles, OPTispray is an industry-leading technology designed with unique spray hardware and exclusive software that minimizes the water required to rinse a load and reduces cycle time with highly effective rinsing. Unlike bath rinses used by competitor brands, which simply dilute wash chemistry, UniLinc with OPTispray uses spray rinsing power to pull wash chemistry through the load and down the drain. The spray rinse carries away dirt and chemicals and leaves less residue behind—providing far superior rinse results. And with nine unique, utility-minimizing ECO cycles, water usage and operating costs are minimized.


    Learn how OPTispray™ helps the industry-leading UniLinc™ control system deliver the industry’s absolute lowest cost of ownership


Get more done with less money and in less time with the exclusive OPTispray Rinsing Technology from UniMac®. Unique spray hardware and exclusive software minimize the water needed to rinse a load while also delivering superior rinse results.

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Higher Performance. Lower Costs.

Water Savings

Consumes as much as 39% less water than competitor brands while maintaining the same wash quality you’d expect from UniMac

Cycle Time Savings

Less time needed per cycle to help increase throughput by up to 12%

Utility Savings

Saves up to $2,110 in yearly utilities compared to competitor brands