6 Things You Should Do Every Day in Your On-Premises Laundry Room to Keep it Running Smoothly

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If you’re like many laundry and maintenance managers we work with, you’re always looking for ways to improve your on-premises laundry operation. In fact, constantly improving efficiency and operations at your OPL is a key part of your job. Improvements don’t have to be giant leaps. In fact, we find that efficiency is increased by taking small steps surrounding safety, maintenance, cleanliness, and employee engagement. Here are a few things that you can (and should) be doing daily to take your on-premises laundry room to the next level.

1. Review your machine data.

Keep your on-premises laundry room running smoothly by looking at the data regularly. Laundry technology, like TotalVue, allows laundry and maintenance managers to quickly view key performance data regarding productivity, efficiency, operational expenses, and more. This data can help you make informed decisions about how to improve and operate your OPL on both a daily and long-term basis.

2. Leave the doors open when your washer isn’t in use.

This is one of those practical and maintenance-focused tasks that are so important. Leaving the door open allows commercial washer-extractors to air out so you avoid that musty smell.

3. Remove lint from the lint compartment/screen.  

You should be cleaning the lint screen/compartment regularly between loads on your dryers/tumble dryers. This helps promote proper airflow and keeps the machine from overheating. You’ll also want to keep the intake air vents clean to help promote drying efficiency.

4. Clean your machines.

Keeping your commercial laundry equipment clean is a key to keeping your machines running as long as possible and should be on your daily to-do list. Soaps and other chemicals can cause rust or corrosion over time and debris can easily get inside the machines and cause damage. Take time to wipe down the machines and the areas around them regularly throughout the day.

5. Clean and clear the floors.  

On-premises laundry rooms are often full of tripping hazards. A clean and clear floor is crucial to employee safety, which, in turn, impacts the overall efficiency of your operation. To improve safety and reduce injuries in your OPL, make sure that linens, laundry carts, boxes, cords, and any other tripping hazards are put away in their rightful places. Clean the floors regularly and mark with a wet floor sign immediately.

6. Encourage your team.

Whether it’s additional training, incentive programs, simple words of wisdom, or a 1:1 conversation, good leaders go out of their way daily to make employees feel heard and appreciated. Encouragement and positivity help foster a better workplace and employee loyalty. A better workplace and employee loyalty naturally lead to increased efficiency and operations.

 What’s next?

Of course, improving your on-premises laundry room doesn’t stop there. Be sure you’re making safety, maintenance, and training cornerstones of your operation. Got questions? Feel free to reach out to us.

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