Marilyn Fleming
Marilyn Fleming
Owner & Operator of Dry & Wetcleaning Establishments, Milwaukee, WI

I’ve worked in the dry cleaning industry for 20 years, and presently operate three fabricare locations called “Natural Cleaners” throughout the metro-Milwaukee area. We offer both dry and wet cleaning to customers.

Although some garments are cleaned better by using traditional dry cleaning methods, most garments including wool, linen, rayon, silk – even beaded gowns and leather-trimmed pieces – can be effectively wet cleaned. Fabrics cleaned by natural methods smell fresh and tend to be cleaner, softer and brighter.

UniMac® recently sat down with David DiMarino, owner of North Myrtle Beach-based Grand Strand Linen, to discuss the tools and technologies that allow him to efficiently run his service company. In the resulting American Laundry News column entitled “Grand Strand Keeps Rental Housing Linen Flowing,” DiMarino shares how his company successfully processes such high volumes of linen, especially during peak tourist season.

“Our industrial-strength machines are engineered to stand up to a high throughput and their advanced control system offer the technology and flexibility for optimal fabric care,” said DiMarino.

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