Delayed Start can be a game-changing feature for OPLs 

Published On: December 21, 2022

There’s one constant in the on-premises laundry world – laundry doesn’t stop. Every day presents a new laundry challenge, and the pressure is on to get it processed and back on the shelf for the day ahead. Any advantage or time savings can make a difference 

This is where equipment with a delayed start feature can help on-premises laundries get a jump on the day. The washer-extractor can be loaded before staff leaves for the day and programmed to start automatically before they arrive the next day. 

So, when employees arrive, the first loads of the day are ready to be transferred to tumble dryers or, if no conditioning is required directly, to the finisher. Obviously, being a load ahead to start the day ensures that staff is immediately productive and loads make it back to the floor faster. The feature also enables managers to be staggering their scheduling, with part of the team arriving to transfer loads and the rest of the staff as the first dry cycles are being completed. 

Delayed start can be a game changer for on-premises laundries, allowing greater flexibility and faster turnaround of loads.