Lake Villa department depends on UniMac equipment for PPE laundering firefighters’ PPE in compliance with NFPA 1851 guidelines

With almost a century under their belt protecting the community, the Lake Villa Fire Protection District is making strides in how they clean and maintain their gear. While dirty used to be a symbol of pride, well-washed and laundered gear has taken its rightful place.

With a team of 65 members strong, each one knows how to properly operate UniMac’s equipment with confidence. It’s a seemingly small choice to be both proactive and knowledgeable about a simple task like laundry, but one that can greatly affect the station’s productivity.

UniMac is proud to serve the Lake Villa District in their pursuit to protect their firefighters and meet NFPA 1851 regulations. The team is now easily able to wash large loads of PPE gear in half the time with this equipment.

It’s no secret that smoke, ash, and possible harmful carcinogens are part of the job. It’s important to have laundry equipment that is high quality and dependable when it comes to preventing cross-contamination, allowing these firefighters to keep work and home separate, and keep themselves and their families healthy.

“They put their lives on the line, crawl into and out of many hazards every day,” said Chris Dodd, lieutenant at Lake Villa Fire Protection District. “Reliability is everything.”

A small investment in laundry equipment reaps invaluable rewards in not only the condition and longevity of the fire department’s gear, but also the assured safety of its firefighters.

To learn more about the Lake Villa Fire Protection District, check out our video.

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