Giving your customers the best of the best elevates your brand and sets a precedent of what they can expect when they experience your business.

In the hospitality industry, giving your customers the best of the best looks different for every hotel, but one thing each business focuses on is providing soft, clean linens. Maintaining quality linen care comes down to having a quality laundry operation on-site.

Ruchit Patel, owner of 30+ hotels in the Dallas, Texas-area, uses a variety of laundry machines at his different locations, but said whenever he can, he uses a specific brand of washers and dryers: UniMac. Patel just installed two washer-extractors and two tumble dryers in a new Dallas hotel and said he wasn’t considering any other brand for this new location.

“I compare UniMac to BMW – the best of the best,” Patel said.

Of all his hotels, Patel said the majority of them use UniMac machines because of the brand’s reputation for excellence. Patel has been in the industry since 2008 and has used UniMac just as long.

“Since day one, we’ve had a great experience,” Patel said. “I can’t think of any reason that would make us switch.” Patel listed reliability, customer service and performance as the top three reasons UniMac is his brand of choice.

“We don’t have to worry about having to keep replacing machines – in the long run it saves you money, too,” Patel said. “I’ve also had great customer service experiences from the start. That’s really important to me.”

When discussing his experiences purchasing UniMac machines, Patel said he’s continuously impressed by his CLEC distributor service rep, Sam Hussain, and is relieved to find how easy it is to get the right products for his business.

“He [Sam] knows his stuff – he really makes the whole process easy,” Patel raved. “He’s another huge part of the reason we stick with UniMac.”

Patel said maintaining his hotel’s linens is a top priority because it can have a big impact on the business’s bottom line. One of the most effective marketing techniques is word of mouth, and one of the most effective ways to get good reviews for your hotel is to outfit your beds and bathrooms with soft, clean linens. After all, those are two of the main features of a hotel room.

As a hotelier, if your customers tell their friends they had scratchy, dirty linens, it will be difficult overcoming that reputation. Using high quality washing machines and dryers can prevent this, but that’s not the only benefit.

UniMac machines are more energy and water efficient than the other machines Patel has used in the past, which he notes is an additional way he saves money and time, contributing to the business’ bottom line. A quicker and more efficient cycle uses less water and energy and saves staff time, allowing a more efficient workforce. The lower water and electricity bills are an added bonus.

“We consistently save money, water, energy, and over time, it really adds up,” Patel said. “Linens make a difference for hotel guests, and our guests leave feeling refreshed in part because of them”
Maintaining his hotels’ laundering operations is a high priority to Patel, and he said he’s really noticed a difference in his locations that use UniMac machines.

“I always tell everyone I can about UniMac because it’s a top brand,” Patel said. “UniMac is more reliable. I’ve tried others, but if you can, UniMac is the brand to get for washing machines and dryers. You just can’t beat the quality.”

Hotel owners have big decisions to make, and setting yourself up for success from the start is one of the most important things someone can do when starting a business, Patel said.

“If you’re going to do it, you should do it right from the start,” Patel said. “Get the right equipment for the job, don’t just get equipment to check off a box.”