The standard of care at Silverado North Shore Memory Care Community is top quality, so their choice of laundry equipment had to match those expectations. UniMac® was there to meet their needs.

Silverado needed a laundry system that would get the job done entirely in-house; a machine that could not only handle the bulk loads of bed linens and towels but also be gentle enough to cater to the residents’ personal clothing.

Erin Gutsmiedl, administrator at Silverado North Shore, values the relationship the facility has with UniMac®, noting that many people do not necessarily think of laundry as a top priority yet knowing how vital it is to an assisted living home.

Every business and home has different needs and priorities when it comes to their laundry system, and Silverado had three main requirements:

  1. Durability
  2. Reliability
  3. Top-quality machinery

UniMac was the clear choice to deliver those on those essential necessities.

With laundry being done 12-14 hours a day, Silverado expects its washers and dryers to keep up. UniMac® provides both dependable equipment and an easy-to-use operating system that is trainable, so that laundry becomes less of a burden and more of a simple, seamless, everyday task.

UniMac is proud to partner with Silverado North Shore, giving the residents and staff the peace of mind they need to provide the excellence in care that they expect of themselves and those they work with.

To learn more about Silverado’s story, check out our video.