When it comes to hotel laundry design, think horseshoes 

When hotel operators are planning their next property, the laundry room isn’t normally a priority in the design phase. But it should be. 

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that it’s not enough to just get linens clean. Guests want assurances that properties have processes in place to deliver exceptional hygienic results. Therefore, hotels may want to take design and process cues from laundries serving medical facilities. 

When it comes to laundry design, the main goal is always preventing cross contamination – keeping soiled linens and clean linens separate to reduce that risk. This is why for years a horseshoe design has been recommended. In this design, soiled linens arrive on one end of the horseshoe and flow through the arc to exit on the other side. 

Too many properties adopt the approach of the laundry as an afterthought, relegated to whatever space is left after all services and front-of-the-house spaces are plotted. Often this means washer-extractors are installed in close proximity – meaning soiled and clean linens are moving close together, increasing the possibility of cross contamination. 

Equally important in preventing cross contamination is color coding carts to ensure a specific color is used only for soiled linens and another for clean. Obviously, training staff on this component is equally important. If possible, doors separating the soil and clean sides are preferable, as well as negative air pressure. 

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