OPL General Manager Shares Insights on how COVID-19 Has Impacted Laundry Operations in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry continues to try to recover from the blow of 2020 amid the lingering effects of the prolonged pandemic. Within that recovery exists changes to how hotels operate, especially in the laundry room. Hotel Management looked at those changes in a recent article and Steve Bowie, GM of the on-premises laundry segment for [...]

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4 tips to a great guest laundry experience

Let’s face it, when you think of laundry at your hotel property, it’s about getting those room linens processed quickly and efficiently and back in service/on the shelf. The actual guest laundry isn’t likely a top priority. However, for the guests that need this amenity, they want an equally efficient and high-quality experience. Below are [...]

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Hotel Management podcast looks at laundry efficiency

Efficiency, buying tips and obtaining a higher level of clean during COVID-19 were all among the topics of conversation when Bill Brooks, director of customer solutions and business development for on-premises laundries, was the guest on a recent hospitality-focused podcast. Brooks joined Elaine Simon for Hotel Management’s recent podcast on how hoteliers can get the [...]

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UniMac dryers show results for N95 viral decontamination

N95 masks have never been more important and in shorter supply. Reusing this vital piece of PPE requires a fast and effective means to decontaminate masks. UniMac announced that specific models of its hugely popular 75-pound capacity tumble dryer can, with the correct programs, be used for viral decontamination of N95 masks and quadruple their [...]

2020-08-12T14:20:44+00:00August 12th, 2020|

5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making In Your Hotel’s Laundry Room

During a recent conversation with a laundry customer in the hospitality industry, we got on the topic of mistakes we see multiple hotels making in their on-premises laundry room. As we talked and thought through some of the hotels  we’ve worked with, it was amazing how many of them were making similar mistakes across the [...]

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