This is an unprecedented time in our world, country and hospitality industry. UniMac understands that, in the days ahead, we will all be expected to do more with less. That’s the reality, and it may be the case for the next couple months. 

Rest assured, UniMac and its strong distributor network will be here to support you in any way possible. Whether you need partsservice, support, or an honest assessment on whether it makes more sense to replace equipment or repair it. We’re not going to position a sales pitch to upgrade, but we will update you of a current 0% finance promotion to help ease you through this difficult time. 

Many UniMac distributors are offering after-hours support and even video chat troubleshooting of equipment issues. Our goal is to be here for you whenever and however you need us. That’s our promise to all hoteliers, hospitals, long-term care facilities and anyone working through these challenging times to ensure the clean laundry that is critical to keeping this virus from spreading. 

We also must keep a focus on the reasons to be optimistic. As the safe-at-home restrictions are inevitably lifted, we’ll be returning to work, business travel will ramp up, delayed vacations and visits to see family will be jumpstarted and hospitality will experience an equally unprecedented boom. 

When that happens, and you’re ready to look at laundry equipment upgrades and leverage technology to reduce costs and open the door to off-site laundry room management, UniMac will be hereready to serve. 

We’re in this together.