130lb Capacity Mid-Performance Commercial Washer

UW Series Hardmount Washer Extractor

Model Number: UWT130N2
Control: M30
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Designed for facilities that do not require super-high G-Force extraction, our mid-performance washer-extractors deliver all the benefits of high-performance UW models, but with a maximum 180 – 200 G-Force extraction speed.

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130lb Capacity Mid-Performance Commercial Washer Features


Our state-of-the-art microprocessor includes leading features that you need to make your laundry room operate efficiently. Customizable programs give you the flexibility to meet your specific needs, including 30 programmable water levels and 30 programmable cycles designed to reduce your utility costs.

You’ll also benefit from advanced diagnostic capabilities and the ability to program the control manually from a PDA or remote laptop.

Our mid-performance machines are manufactured with premium materials and heavy-duty construction. Built to handle the toughest demands of the commercial environment, they’re tested beyond the breaking point to ensure long-lasting quality and performance.

Bearings / Drive Shaft

Our cylindrical front/spherical rear bearings can handle 200% more force than ball bearings, helping your machine last longer, and backed by a 10-year warranty. The upgraded shaft means even less deflection than the previous UW models.


Made of plate steel, these are the strongest frames UniMac® has ever built. They’re robotically welded for improved quality, computer-optimized and destructive-tested for maximum strength and made to handle vibration and unbalanced loads effortlessly. UW’s tall frames provide extra cart clearance and elevated drain height and offer proper ergonomics for the end user, reduced pad costs and increased plumbing flexibility.

Inverter Drive

The proven technology provides smooth, reliable power for optimal wash and extract performance.

Cylinder Ribs

Perforated cylinder ribs collect wash water and create a cascade of water that falls gently during each revolution.


Our oversized motor has 50% more horsepower than cabinet washer-extractors of similar capacity, allowing for around-the-clock use and increasing the life of the motor as well as your productivity.

Our mid-performance UW equipment is designed with advanced technology to maximize the productivity of your laundry room while improving efficiency and reducing energy costs.

Leading Innovation

200 G-Force extraction delivers fast dry times to improve efficiency and save utility costs.

Increased Capacity

5-10 lb larger capacity than older UW models means more can be washed in every load.

Decreased Footprint

Smaller footprint means these machines take up less space in your laundry room, allowing for simplified installation.

Improved Door

Rugged hinge and handle paired with a proven roll pin/cam door lock system allows for smooth open-and-close operation.

Enlarged Door Opening

Larger door openings are designed to get loads in and out faster.

Reduce Water Consumption

Our exclusive auto leak detection and slow drain detection features help identify leaks before they cost your operation hundreds of dollars in wasted resources.

Utilities account for more than 10 percent of a laundry budget. Reduce your bills with efficient features, including:

Inverter Drive System

Reaches maximum extraction speed more gradually and efficiently, reducing your electricity usage by 40 percent.

200 G-Force Extraction

With more powerful extraction technology, these models remove more water during each load, resulting in shorter drying times and smaller utility bills.

These powerful features and industry-leading construction are backed by the best warranty in the industry. A ten-year warranty protects the bearings, and a five-year warranty protects the frame, basket, shaft and seals from failure or breakage during normal operation due to defects in material or workmanship. A limited three-year warranty is offered on all other parts. Plus, we help ensure the success of your business with world-class support, including:

  • Service parts availability
  • Factory-trained technicians and global distribution network
  • Service training certification for distributors
  • Industry-leading, laundry-focused financing
  • Laundry design services

Product Specifications

Control Options M30
Capacity – lb (kg) 130 (60)
Width – in (mm) 46.1″ (1171)
Depth – in (mm) 54.5″ (1384)
Height – in (mm) 72.6″ (1844)
Cylinder Diameter – in (mm) 42″ (1067)
Cylinder Depth – in (mm) 24.5″ (622)
Cylinder Volume – cu. ft. (liters) 19.6 (555)
Door Opening Size – in (mm) 24.8″ (630)
Door Bottom To Floor – in (mm) 30.5″ (775)
Water Inlet Connection – in (mm) 2 @ 1″ (25) + 2 @ 3/4 (19)
Steam Connection – in (mm) 3/4″ (19)
Drain Diameter – in (mm) 2 @ 3″ (76)
Motor Size – HP (kW) 10 (7.5)
Total # of Speeds 6
Cylinder Speed – RPM (G-Force) M Speed
Gentle 26 (.40)
Wash 36 (.77)
Distribution 65 (2.5)
Very Low Extract 213 (27)
Low Extract 410 (100)
Medium Extract 579 (200)
Domestic Shipping Dimensions Approx. – in (mm)
Width 49.2″ (1250)
Depth 64.8″ (1646)
Height 76.4″ (1941)
Net Weight – lb (kg) 2040 (925)
Standard Shipping Weight – lb (kg) 2100 (953)
Slat Crate Shipping Weight – lb (kg) 2260 (1025)
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