Let’s face it, when you think of laundry at your hotel property, it’s about getting those room linens processed quickly and efficiently and back in service/on the shelf. The actual guest laundry isn’t likely a top priority. However, for the guests that need this amenity, they want an equally efficient and high-quality experience. Below are a few tips to ensure your guest laundry measures up.

  • Reliability matters. Just like your on-premises laundry can ill afford down time. Don’t cut corners in your guest laundry. The last thing you want is a guest lugging a pile of dirty laundry to find an out of order sign. Rely on your commercial laundry equipment distributor for direction on reliable machines up to the task of heavy use. Commercial quality matters; don’t go the cheap big-box route.
  • Give them options. Not all loads are created equal. This is why you want laundry equipment that gives guests a variety of wash and dry options to tailor their loads. Think of the range of items they have – from workout clothes with technical fibers and pool items, to evening clothes and everything in between. Make sure your laundry reflects their needs and go beyond just basic cycle options. It’s also recommended that you include a laundry sink to make it easy for guests to pre-treat or remove stains.
  • Utilize signage. Use professional, well-designed signage that leverages the property’s branding to share operating instructions and laundry tips. Again, removing ambiguity ensures your guests get the desired quality.
  • Make it clean. Ever walked in a guest laundry only to find detergent spills, softener sheets on the floor and overflowing garbage cans? Not exactly what you want to see when you want to clean something. Make sure housekeeping staff has the guest laundry on their to-do list. First impressions matter.

Approach your property’s guest laundry in the same way you would any amenity – as a reflection of your brand’s commitment to an excellent guest experience. Make it clean, and well equipped with reliable, commercial-quality equipment that gives guests the flexibility to wash and dry the way they want.