First impressions, we can all agree, mean a lot. And in the hospitality world, wash quality is at the center of that impression. Fantastic amenities are easily forgotten, when guests find towels or bed linens stained or with a coarse feel. If you think that was important in the past, imagine how key it will be as we emerge from the current pandemic. Guests want to be reassured that hygiene is a major focus of the property they choose to stay at.

With so much riding on that first impression of linens, hotels may want to consider achieving the highest level of quality and the addition of an ironer. Details matter and any wrinkles will have an impact on perceptions of quality and hygiene.

Today’s finishers are easier than ever to use, many can be operated by just one employee, which may surprise many laundry managers. Below are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Most properties can get by with an 80- or even 60-inch finished width. This means a single fold down the middle of the sheet. These units can work in a fairly small space.
  • Take a look at your utilities and venting. Review electrical and gas connections; gas is often preferred for finishers.
  • Make sure staff is trained on proper feeding. Sticking to one side will quickly make a roll uneven. Load left to right.
  • Dial in the moisture level. Usually, a range between 6 to 10 percent is optimal. Properties utilizing high-thread-count, 100 percent cotton linens will be on the low end of the range, while cotton/poly blends will require a higher residual moisture.

The emphasis on a quality look and feel has never been higher. And with the technology and space-saving designs of today’s ironers, now may be the right time to add one to your on-premises laundry team.