The hospitality industry continues to try to recover from the blow of 2020 amid the lingering effects of the prolonged pandemic. Within that recovery exists changes to how hotels operate, especially in the laundry room.

Hotel Management looked at those changes in a recent article and Steve Bowie, GM of the on-premises laundry segment for Alliance Laundry Systems, shared his expertise in the piece.

Many hotels are battling the same issues present in other industries, chief among them staffing shortages. Laundry operations already face challenges finding and keeping staff and the current shortage exacerbates that. With that in mind, operations are trying to do more with less.

In the article, Bowie recommends leveraging delayed start features on equipment and staggering shift starts.

“For instance, washer-extractors could be loaded before staff leaves for the day and programmed to start before the first person arrives the next morning,” he said. “The next person could then come in a bit later, when loads are wrapping up drying cycles.”

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