Light Commercial Laundry Equipment - washers

Every on-premises laundry facility needs equipment that can be trusted for long lasting performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. However not all on-premises laundry operations require large capacity laundry equipment. For facilities that demand superior quality on a smaller scale, or wish to supplement their current lineup with smaller alternatives, UniMac® light commercial top load and front load washers are the answer.

light commercial dryers - Unimac

Get extra-large drying capacity from compact durable machines with UniMac light commercial dryers. Perfect for smaller laundry facilities our light commercial front load dryers have maximum dry air movement that allows for ultimate productivity in every cycle.

On-Premises Laundry Stack Washer/dryers

All the features of our standard light commercial dryers in just half the square footage. UniMac stacked dryer units increase operational efficiency while maximizing potentially limited space in your on-premises laundry facility.

These durable washer dryer combinations offer the same durability and performance of other UniMac products while also maximizing the efficiency of your floor space.